Height-adjustable standing desks for the office

Useful components for each height adjustable desk

Height-adjustable standing desk

These height-adjustable desks not only help you move around in the office but also make you feel better during the workday. Ergonomic standing desks allow any person of any height to maintain the correct posture.

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Metal cable trays for wiring

The metal tray for cables wiring from equipment is a great help when it comes to having a neat workplace. No hanging wires under the desk will be visible. In the spacious tray, you can hide wires from monitors, computers and other equipment from a desk.

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Control unit for standing desk

Each electric standing desk frame has a control unit. Multiple buttons make easy and quick to change the height of desk legs (the electric standing desk frame can be raised or lowered as needed).


Computer case holder

Our CPU holders are mounted under the desk on a height-adjustable desk frame (on one side of the legs). The computer case will move along with the desk. Using a pc case CPU holder it saves a lot of space on the desk.

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Choose a height-adjustable desk frame configuration

Two-leg height-adjustable standing desks

Solid ergonomic desk with height-adjustable legs can be used for desk-tops from 1000mm to 2200mm in length. Enjoy an ergonomic workplace.

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Three-leg height-adjustable standing desks

These solid ergonomic desks with height-adjustable legs can be customized for desk-tops from 1600mm to 2400mm in length. Work comfortably in an ergonomic workplace.

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Two-leg height-adjustable standing desk frame

These are great frames for the desks. Height-adjustable desk frames can be used for desk-tops from 1000mm to 2200mm in length. Create an ergonomic environment.

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Three-leg height-adjustable standing desk frame

These ergonomic desk frames can be used for desk-tops from 1600mm to 2400mm in length. Pick your frame and work in an ergonomically designed workplace.

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Optional standing desk frames modifications

Pair of desk legs MINI

These are two height-adjustable desks connected by a rigid connection. The height of each desk legs is changed mechanically by hand turning the knob (hand crank standing desks).

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Pair of desk legs NORMA

These are two height-adjustable desks connected by a rigid connection. The height of each separate desk is controlled with an electric control unit by pressing the button up or down.

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Desk legs TRIPLE

Three-leg height-adjustable desks (L-shaped desks) are used for larger-sized desks and for those that have to withstand higher loads.

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Desk legs QUADRUM

Desk legs are used for four-legged standing desks. Such configuration used for larger-sized conference standing desks and for desks that have to withstand higher loads.

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Every day we spend a lot of time sitting at our desk. Long sitting at work at the desk can harm our bodies. It doesn't matter whether you jogging, running every morning or exercising in the gym. If you spend most of the day sitting in the car, on your office chair or in your sofa at home - you are at increased risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and so on. No matter how energetic you are, the sedentary work is harmful to you.
Easy to use
Height-adjustable desk legs are designed to be easy to use. The electrically adjustable desk can change its height by pressing one button down or up.
Electric standing desks
These electric standing desks provide a lot of conveniences compared to other types of desks. Electric desk legs will always be easy to adjust, to smoothly change the desk height to a lower or higher position with a simple push of a button.
Two motors
Height-adjustable desk legs use reliable motors. In every leg is built in one motor (each with a lifting capacity of up to 60kg) running in sync with the other one. So if you choose two-leg height-adjustable standing desk, together the lifting capacity will be 120 kg. Need more lifting power? We can also offer other solutions.
Low power consumption
Desks use very little electricity. In standby mode, the two-leg height-adjustable desk consumes only 0.5W of energy. So our standing desk legs using energy efficiently. Low energy consumption is important for every modern business.
The height-adjustable standing desk will last longer. Each desk leg model before manufacturing is carefully designed and tested by engineers to serve people well for many years reliably and long time.
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Have a question that you cannot resolve? We will always help you to solve any questions you may have by email or phone.
These height-adjustable desks are tested in laboratories, products are high-quality that meet the highest Swedish standards.
Anti-breaking protection
The height-adjustable standing desk legs are equipped with an obstacle recognition feature, which allows you to protect the objects from breaking. It doesn't matter if it is a personal expensive item that is under the desktop or over the desktop.
Higher desk legs height range
Height-adjustable desks are adaptable for people of different heights (lower and higher persons). Three segments standing desk frames allow to rise desk higher and descend lower than other legs on the market. There are desks made only from two segments (which means that such desks cannot land down so low and rise as high as ERGOstalas standing desks frames).
Safety and reliability
Every height-adjustable desk we produce for you is important to us. We strive that more people would be able to work in an individual, comfortable, ergonomic working environment so we would see more healthy, happy and perky personalities. You have to enjoy every minute spent at work, and after all the work day you have to feel energized and fresh. For us production of high-quality height-adjustable standing desks, quality, durability, and reliability are # 1.
Sit down and stand up
There are many different office desks that can be used all day long, either just for standing or just sitting. Long sitting or long-standing is tiring. So it is very important to move more during the day. It is very easy to change the desk height with our height-adjustable standing desks. You can stand up or sit down in seconds and work comfortably in the ergonomic workspace. We recommend changing your standing position at least every 30 minutes. So put a reminder on your phone and you will know when to stand up and sit down at your ergonomic table. Or get a smart standing desk that will remind you on your desktop that’s it’s time to move (sit or stand). Control easier how you work at your smart standing desk.

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Height-adjustable desks are increasingly becoming more popular and are used worldwide. The idea is very simple and useful to the person. These electric standing desks help to easily and quickly change/adapt desk height to individual user ergonomic position. You can always set up and adjust how long you wish to sit and stand during your work day and avoid potential health threats.

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Height-adjustable desks choice

How to choose a good, high-quality height-adjustable desk

Today height adjustable desks can be very different: electrically adjusted, manual crank desks and hidraulically adjustable desks. Hand crank desk (manually adjusted desks) height is adjustable by rotating the mechanical knob (this type of tables does not use electricity, so it is not only environmentally friendly, but also economical, and makes every person move much more then you expect). Electric height-adjustable standing desks have a distinctive feature of quick and simple height adjusting within simple single button click (legs are controlled by electric drives). These tables are very comfortable for children and adults. Every person tries understand that these desks are the best electric height-adjustable desks. Most often, cheaper adjustable standing desks differ in materials used to produce a proper standing desk, usually are reduced metal constructions, and hardware which ensures not only table stability, but also functionality.

How to choose a good, high-quality height-adjustable desk

Here's one good common occurrence with cheaper adjustable tables that they come with one gear / motor, but ergostalas.lt always offers tables with two gears (motors). Such standing desks with two motors can lift more weight than tables with one motor and therefore they are more durable. There also should be paid attention to the strokes between the legs which can be adjustable length or fixed length. How much does a height-adjustable standing desk cost? Height-adjustable standing desk price is not expensive compared to how much people invest in medicines for back pain and time wasted due to incapacity or inability to work due to back pain. I wish everyone to look at themselves and the habits we do every day and try to change their daily routine by bringing something new to life. And the best beginning is to start with a height-adjustable standing desk and try to work comfortably every day (changing working positions at least every 20 - 30 - 40 minutes). So when you need a high-quality height adjustable standing desk for a home or office, Ergostalas.lt will always help you with high-quality standing desks from small, standard or 3 legs desks or even with custom solutions that you wish to use. Become happier and more efficient!

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Individual height-adjustable tables

Can't easily find what standing desk you need? Or have a dream about new fresh look of your office? Get new height-adjustable desk in to your home or office interior. And start working more actively. Ergostalas team will always help to solve any challenge.

    Choose a height adjustable desk configuration:
  1. Standard height adjustable desks;
  2. Two legs ERGO desk with Natural Wood worktop;
  3. Two legs ERGO desk with LWC (laminated wood chipboard) desktop;
  4. Three legs L shape ERGO desk with Natural Wood worktop;
  5. Three legs ERGO desk with LWC (laminated wood chipboard) desktop;

Custom ergonomic office space design

When you have few great ideas about your new office you always need a great and reliable team to get your dreams come true. Here's where Ergostalas team can help you.
We always have some great ideas when creating an individual ergonomic spaces. Experienced interior designers can help you design a modern office for your business and employees.

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